Boutique Camping Info

So it’s been a while since you’ve revelled and really gone wild. It’s time to dust off those sequins and let your hair down once more. 

We’re all a little bit older, we’re all a little bit wiser and maybe we’re all a little bit more in need of our creature comforts. Right? But it doesn’t mean that we’re not ready for a serious party. 

We’re excited to welcome you back to the Secret Garden Party this July and the Boutique field never looked so good. From Suitehuts to luxury yurts, from tipis to bell tents, we’ve put together some incredible packages to make your festival sublime. 

It’s not just about what type of canvas you’re sleeping in under the stars – there’s so much more!

The Whole Experience


Arrive via our private Boutique entrance, use our exclusive Boutique parking, skip the queues and get into the festival hassle-free.

We’ll welcome you in at our reception desk and make sure you and your loved ones get settled in properly.

After your check-in, dodge the hassle of lugging and manhandling your belongings through a busy campsite and make use of our trolley service.  We aim to make your arrival smooth and stress-free.

24hr Security: 

We know how important security is to you. Our 24hr security and lockable structures will reassure you about your stay in Boutique.

Breakfast Bar 

Say goodbye to waiting in line at the food stalls for breakfast. Instead, sit back, relax over the papers whilst we serve you gourmet brunch and morning cocktails.

Pamper Parlour

You’re heading out into the festival and you want to look your best. We’ve got you covered. Hang out in our complimentary Pamper Parlour and get ready over a drink or three. Make use of our full length mirrors, hairdryers, hair straighteners and get your phone fully-charged before going out into the fray.


We’ve all heard the horror stories about festival toilets, but for you they’re a thing of the past. Bring us your bottoms – we’ve got porcelain! No need to hold your nose; these toilets are smelling good and flush like the one at home!


Get involved in the festival, go nuts, get down and dirty and party until you pong!! We’ve got heaps of hot water waiting back in the camp for you to get cleaned up and cosy.

Doing your bit to make the world a better place

This year, by staying in Boutique Camping, you will be supporting the Humans for Rights Network with a £20 donation per booking. Humans for Rights Network is a grassroots human rights organisation, set up to facilitate an increase in opportunity for people seeking safety to report rights violations and access justice. Our intention is to ensure that individuals claiming asylum in the UK, are heard, listened to and have access to justice. Thank you for supporting the charity and doing your bit to make the world a better place.

Frequently asked questions - Everything explained...



Do I need a festival ticket if I’ve booked Boutique camping?

Yes! In order to have access to Boutique or any other parts of the site, a separate Secret Garden Party ticket must have been purchased. Please ensure that you have purchased a festival ticket first.

Can I come into Boutique without a Boutique pass?

No. In order to gain access to the Boutique area you must have a Boutique wristband.

Can I camp in Boutique in my own tent?

No. Please leave your tent at home. Those staying in Boutique camping must be accommodated within one of the structures provided.

Can I bring my own food with me?

Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to make yourself at home. However, we do not allow camping stoves or barbecues in the campsite and we will be setting limits on the amount of alcohol which can be brought into the campsites from off-site. Please note that no alcohol from off-site may be taken from the campsite into the festival arena.

Are children allowed in the Boutique area?

Children are not permitted entry into the festival this year. Boutique is therefore a child-free zone.

Does my accommodation include power?

Some but not all of the structures have their own power supply. This is stated within the description of the package. However, all Boutique guests can access power for charging their devices at the Pamper Parlour.

Does my accommodation come with bedding?

Some of our packages do not include bedding. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the accommodation description so that you are aware of what is featured in the package you have booked.

  • Those without festival tickets should not book a Boutique structure. This is an added extra.
  • Those who do not have a Boutique ticket will not be permitted entry into the Boutique camping area.
  • Structures can only accommodate the stated number of guests and no more.
  • Please make sure that you read the description thoroughly and become familiar with what you are booking.  Some packages do not include bedding.