Wingmans x Mam Sham presents Eat Your Heart Out

We’ll have a fantastic roster of eateries in the Garden this summer, but if you want your feasts with a little more fantastical flair, you’ll love Eat Your Heart Out’s immersive and interactive sittings. The eating experiences will be curated by London-based chicken connoisseurs and social dining bad boys, Wingmans, alongside Mam Sham; aka the queens of good grub and laughs.

Over the course (pun intended) of Secret Garden Party these two culinary icons will combine forces to host six supper clubs, each lasting around two hours and guaranteeing unforgettable dining experiences not to be found at any other bash this summer.

Round up the squad, book yourselves in and eat your heart out with three mouth-droolingly good courses dished up by award winning chefs, soundtracked by live stand-up from a string of very special guests. Vegetarians and vegans are, of course, welcome and catered for.